Essay on The Effects Of Gun Control On Teens

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It was Christmas day in the year 2003, in cold Chicago, Illinois. A man robbed a local home. As a result, the victim of the house took a gun and shot the burglar. The criminal was taken to a hospital to be taken care of, while the owner faced charges and prosecutions since the town had a gun ordinance ban. If it was not for the law abiding citizen, this man would have gotten away with theft and possibly assault (Wheeler 20). Gun control will altogether cause more problems in America than it will produce solutions. Yes there are cons; there are cons to every controversial subject. But the fact of the matter is, that even with those cons, there are more positives that come out of the use of correctly using and not abusing the power of a gun. There are less child deaths due to accidental firearm death than car accidents, suffocation, drowning, fires, falls and medical mistakes (Wheeler 20). Gun control has a huge impact on teens since they influence when and how they get guns as well as their safety. The overall point is that gun laws affect law abiding citizens, not criminals, crime rates go down with guns, gun restrictions don’t work, and that there are other alternatives to reduce crime. The government’s use of trying to protect our country with gun control has more negative effects than positive outcomes and violates the rights of law abiding citizens.
Gun control has been around since the late 1800s. The Second Amendment was added to the Constitution within the Bill of…

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