The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth 's Natural Geological Cycle

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Currently, earth is the only planet possessing the capability to conceive and sustain life. Through out the planets 1.4 billion years of history, there have been ice ages and warm periods. Currently, the Earth is experiencing an accelerated increase in surface temperatures through out the beginning of a warm period in recorded history. It is clear from scientific data that the reason for the rise in temperature is due to the surge of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. Since the identification of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, its presence has been tracked. Thanks to this historical data it is clear that the increase in greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming. However, there is still a debate about what is causing the increase. There are groups of individuals who believe that human activity is to blame and will harm the earth’s environments. Other groups believe that the increase in temperature is due to the earth’s natural geological cycle, in which they believe that the earth will thrive and there will be no apparent harm. On the other hand, a different group believes that global warming can be a result of a variety of different factors including both human and natural geological activities. They believe that global warming could both benefit and harm the earth’s environments. Through primary research, surveys portray that freshman students who attend Oakland University think that global climate change is not an important issue. However, the research…

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