Exercise And Schoolwork

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Working out on a regular basis is not a normal activity for a typical American. The disadvantages outweigh the benefits. With schedules being so busy, its very difficult to add exercise to the plethora of chores and work. You would think the trouble of exercise isn’t worth the hassle, but people debate that exercise actually can help your motivation. An experiment was conducted to find out whether exercise really helps you in your schoolwork or if its just another theory. The experiment conducted was based off a random group of thirty-nine people who anonymously took the survey from a link on Facebook. The participants were asked basic question such as their age, sex (gender), amount of exercise in a week, average mental performance, …show more content…
Most ages were 17-24, but there was also one person in both the 25-35 and 46+ age levels. There were only two males in this category; one in the 25-35 and one 17-24. Most of the grades in this category possess a B grade. There was a significantly higher percentage of people who drink coffee and there was one female who took Adderall. The average daily performance was around a 5.9.
There were a few people who only worked out 1-3 times a month. There were 3 males and 3 females out of the 6 participants. The average daily performance was a 5.8. The grades made were around an A-. One-third of the participants take energy supplements whereas the others don’t take anything. One rarely took caffeine pills and the other would drink soda or energy drinks. The age range included all 17-24 year olds except one 25-35 year
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The people who exercised daily had a better daily performance than everyone else. The majority of people in this category scored high grades and weren’t dependant on energy supplements which make the results much more dependable. The second best category would be the people who exercised 2-5 times a week. They scored second highest on the daily performance and the grades were just about as high as the people who worked out daily. About half the participants in this category used energy supplements. Surprisingly, next best category were the people who exercised 1-3 times a month. The people who didn’t exercise at all was the next best category and the last category are the people who worked out only once a week. They both maintained around the same grades with the people who worked out just a tad

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