The Effects Of Driving Accidents On The United States Essay

705 Words Aug 6th, 2015 3 Pages
Today the drivers of America are not as distracted as they used to be in the 70’s. Alcohol is still the leading cause of vehicle accidents in The United States. Speeding is the second leading cause of all traffic accidents. Drivers do not pay attention to their surroundings or in other words, they have no situational awareness of things around them. Operating a vehicle is serious venture that depends upon all the human senses to do so effectively and safely. We need to improve our driving skills by knowing the dangerous habits that are practiced by drivers that lead to accidents and fatalities. Alcohol is the leading cause of accidents that leads to deaths. In 2004, there were 16,694 alcohol-related fatalities reported, equal to one alcohol-related fatality every 31 minutes and representing 39% of the total traffic fatalities for the year. As of that same year, every State and the District of Columbia had created laws making it illegal to drive with a BAC of. 08 g/DL or higher (National 1). Although it’s a well-known fact that alcohol impairs the ability to drive a vehicle safely, and more importantly, to react. If we are going to drink alcohol and get distracted, then we need to have a plan to get safely to our next location like using a taxi or public transportation. Also, people feel the need to think that they are good to drive, but actually they are not. Drinking and driving are leading to the unnecessary deaths of those at the wheel and others that are doing the…

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