The Effects Of Drinking And Driving On The State Of Mississippi

972 Words Nov 10th, 2016 4 Pages
According to, “In 2012, drunk driving fatalities represented 31% of total traffic deaths in Mississippi” (“Facts and Stats”). This has become such a dreadful action in the state of Mississippi. Many friends and family members have been killed in recent years due to people drinking and driving. The Clarion-Ledger states, “Factors such as the percentage of deadly wrecks caused by drunk driving, speeding and careless driving were used to determine the rankings” (“Study: Mississippi drivers among nation 's worst”) Mississippi has became a state that drinks and drives regularly. This makes this state one out of fifty having the worst drivers. Police officers in this state will arrest a drunk driver if they are caught drinking and driving. Occasionally some drivers are not caught which can lead to wrecks and also the many killings of innocent people. Although drinking and driving is already illegal to do in Mississippi, it is evident a new proposal must be created to end this horrendous affliction.This proposal will include sensors, cameras, speakers and a company of people ready to help any hour of the day or night. These types of advancements in technology will help stop people from drinking and driving and save the many lives of innocent people in the state of Mississippi. Although the state of Mississippi has already passed a law that states that a person under the influence of alcohol cannot drive, it is evident to see that the citizens do not follow this law.…

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