Essay about The Effects Of Concealed Weapons And The Brady Bill

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Everyone wants to feel safe and everyone has their opinion. When it comes to concealed weapons, people have become very vocal about this topic. There are groups that share their views either for or against, like the NRA, National Rifle Association, which supports concealed weapons and the Brady Bill, which is against concealed weapons. At the end of the day there are just two groups, one for concealed carry and the ones against it. These two groups have the same goal, to keep people safe, but each have a certain ideas on how to make that happen. Many use the argument that mentally unstable people will get a gun and start shooting people, because yes, it has happened, sadly. Those situations are really no different from a mentally instable person driving a car. If they are having some type of mental issues, they will find ways to hurt people with guns, knives, bombs, etc.
In the Second Amendment, the founding fathers of America gave us the right to bear arms for self-defense. Although everyone in America has the right to own a firearm, you must have a concealed carry permit in order to bring a hidden handgun into a public area. It is thought that people carrying concealed handguns we can reduce violent crimes. Each state gets to determine if they will allow concealed weapons. If the state does permit concealed carry then people have to go through a long process before they can receive their concealed weapons permit. Which includes a pretty thorough background check and…

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