Campus Carry Impact

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The Mechanics and Impact of Campus Carry Should students, faculty, and staff be allowed to carry gun on college campus?This has been the controversial topic of gun control in several sates.Tragic events like Sandy Hook elementary, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Umpqua Community College and UT in 1966 inspired legislature too sanction conceal weapons in college campus. Senate bill 11 pass and will takes place in August 2016 in all public Texas university.There is an abundance of feeling about Senate bill 11but the overall concern is safety. Safety is the well being of the students,professor, security in mental and physical. Gun should be allow on college campus because they will provide safety, its a constitutional right, and will accustom individual …show more content…
Texas in addition to eight other states have discuss campus carry of concealed weapons in some form.There has been a miss conception of campus carry public got confused with the two different laws .Texas has passed two new law Campus Carry and Open Carry they affect everybody. Senate bill 11 or know as Campus Carry will allow students with the right requirement to carry a concealed gun. The guideline for the Senate Bill 11 by Texas Legislature follow to the current law of concealed weapon regulations. they must be 21 years old unless on active duty in military and pass federal guideline to purchase a weapon. The carrier must pass a written test, take part in a mandatory classroom setting training course of six hours and must prove profound knowledge handling a firearm. they can only carry a weapon if they are licensed and must be out of sight. if the gun has been seen they are allowed to report the carrier. the carrier has violated the law of concealed weapons guidelines. Campus carry law allows university has some flexibility in regulating the conceal carry and to adopt free gun zone areas. Private university has the right to opt out of campus carry or allow students to decide to participate in.Students for Concealed Carry on

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