Communism And Capitalism During The Cold War

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Communism and Capitalism are ideologies that had torn the world into two halves, steered by the United States of America (USA) and the United Soviet State of Russia (USSR). Both of these countries used mediums of propaganda to build up patriotic morale while creating a sense of panic, fear, distrust and hatred towards the opposing country. This division has come to be known as the Cold War. This essay will outline the various means of propaganda distribution, and some of the effects caused by such, by both the USA and the USSR during the Cold War through the use of both primary and secondary information sources.
2. Communism and Capitalism
Communism is an ideological system that is based on the principal that all people are equal and places
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Propaganda in the USA
There are a number of ways and mediums used by the USA to promote their own ideals of capitalism throughout their country and worldwide. Private ownership and the specific distribution of resources were integral ideas that were shared throughout this nation. Along with the ideal that the harder one works, the more money they will make and the more successful they will become. The view that communists are villainous and dangerous were other influential beliefs being spread at the same time. These views cause distrust and a sense of hatred and fear towards non-capitalist countries and in particular the
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Firstly, America was promoted and patriotism towards the nation was developed. Not necessarily accurate views were created of American supremacy and a deeply entrenched sense of duty to ‘your country’ was instilled in the American people. At the same time an image was created that communists were villainous, dangerous, anti-liberty and something to be feared. A sense of fear and panic was created as the USSR had nuclear weapons, which became a constant threat to the livelihood and the lives americans lead (Ridgway, 1954). At the same time, there was a sense of distrust instilled in civilians with the idea of communist spies living all around them. The overall effect of propaganda during the cold war period was a distorted view of reality (Simons, 1955).
4. Propaganda in the USSR
The USSR also implemented various propaganda techniques to achieve the same thing - promoting the USSR and communism while demoting the value of the USA. Both nations introduced the notion of an ‘us and them’ culture. Here the ‘us’ is promoted as a hero while the ‘them’ is seen as the other who is against our way of living and is the opposite to ‘us’ with a very negative

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