Youth Culture And The Cold War

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The end of WWII marked the start of the Cold War between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. During this time period there was a clash between Capitalism and Communism that engulfed the world. These two very different ideologies caused thousands to dye, billions of dollars to be spent, and great advancements in technology. As a result of the Cold War and the fear of the spread of communism, America’s citizens and culture were changed drastically.

During the 1950s a Senator named Joseph McCarthy went on a national witch hunt trying to find communist loyalist within America. McCarthy’s witch hunt caused the fear of communism to become even stronger in America. This fear of communist spies taking over America, spread to other places besides the Federal
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After WWII a cultural separation started between the youth and the adults. Due to a consumer nation many youth started to do things differently than their parents. This started the begin of the counter or youth culture. The youth started to listen to different music than their parents and started to dur different things. The start of rock n roll was a major catalyst to the movement. Many parents thought it was to “black” and to inappropriate for people to be listen to. The movement kept on getting bigger until it greatly increased when the Vietnam War was going on. Many of the youth started to question the war and did not feel like the U.S. needed to be apart of it. Major protest started to happen against the Vietnam War one of the biggest was a anti-war proest which involved more then 100,000 people who gathered at the Lincolnd Memorial ( Staff). Another part of the new youth culture was the acceptance of drugs and sex. Much of the youth though it wasn 't bad while most of the adults still found it unacceptable. Much of the youth culture was caused by the Cold War since many of the decisions the government made during the time period caused questions by the public and questioning by the youth who did not agree with how the government was being run. This youth culture caused a major change to American citizens because now there was a generation gap between adults and youths which caused change to how the country, families, and everyday life was

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