Essay about The Effects Of Cell Phones On Our Lives

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The Negative Effects of Cell Phone Use Cell phone use can be a very helpful thing in today’s world. They can make a simple task very quick and sometimes even mindless. Because the use of them can be so mindless, many studies are being conducted to reveal the negative effects cell phones can cause. Cell phones not only cause addiction problems, but they also have been found to cause a lack of concentration and increased stress and anxiety levels. These are only a few examples. “The Negative Effects That Your Cell Phone Is Having On You and Your Life,” by Catherine Elaine Campana, “Mobile Phones and Society—How Being Constantly Connected Impacts Our Lives,” by Laura Jerpi, and “Possession Attachment Predicts Cell Phone Use While Driving,” by Joshua A. Weller, Crystal Shackleford, Nathan Dieckmann, and Paul Slovic all share similar views on how cell phones can be negative and what the negative effects are that they are causing. All three articles were able to give examples on why and how cell phones are negative. All of the authors were able to mention how it affects society. Campana sees how society has an addiction problem just like Jerpi saw cellphones as a staple in society. Weller, Shackleford, Dieckmann and Slovic did not directly mention the connection society has with their phones. Instead, they mentioned how being on your cell phone while driving is a huge public-health concern. They were able to go more into detail about one specific issue. Campana and Jerpi were…

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