The Effects Of Cancer On Health Issues Essay

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While the effects of cancer have been experienced by many, cancer was personalized to me after volunteering at Special Days Summer Camp. This childhood-cancer summer camp not only brings in children who have or have had cancer, but their siblings as well. While volunteering at Special Days, campers have shared with me the stories of how they lost loved ones in the battle against cancer, and I have even witnessed some campers not returning because they themselves were taken by the disease. Although I have always been interested in working with health, this experience gave me a personal motivation to take on the health issues. During my pursuit of figuring out how to make impacts on health issues, I discovered a tool developed by Google called Flu Trends. This powerful tool was able to predict the spread of influenza activity using a model based simply on search trends with remarkable accuracy. It was the first time where I could see the potential of data analytics making real world impacts on health issues, and I found the idea of collecting large amounts of data in order to predict, make conclusions, and prevent fascinating. With the inspiration of analyzing data combined with the motivation of impacting cancer, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan’s renowned School of Public Health will be an essential step for accomplishing my goals.
There are numerous reasons why the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health will be the best…

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