Essay about The Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

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While there are many addictions in the world, alcohol is one of the most misunderstood. Alcohol came along many years ago when farmers noticed a change in fruits. The effects of alcohol on the body and in families can be very dangerous and heartbreaking. Alcohol, as well as emotional harm, can also cause physical harm due to accidents and violence.
Its manufacturing all started about ten thousand years ago, when honey and wild yeasts were used to produced a fermented drink. Grapevines were being cultivated, for the purpose of making wine, by six thousand BC. Two thousand years later, present day Iraq had a great winemaking enterprise. Wine production and shipping throughout the Mediterranean were important businesses around three thousand BC. The roman god Dionysus ( the god of the grape harvest and winemaking) began to appear in literature around one thousand five hundred BC. In the years after Dionysus started appearing in literature, his riots got somewhat out of hand after the spread to Italy. The riots were then outlawed by the Senate. Increasing drunkenness started to follow along with a Roman decline in simplicity and honesty and a rise in raw ambition, corruption and regular, heavy drinking. India began the production of barley and rice beer by eight hundred BC. In four hundred BC, Plato told that people that wine, in moderation, was beneficial to health and happiness. With alcohol becoming presumably more common, one philosopher after another started to criticize…

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