Prohibition In The 1800's Essay

Prohibition was a law that the government passed to prohibit manufacturing, transporting, and selling of alcohol. Most people thought that this amendment would be great, but they found out that it was actually benefiting the criminals. This was a very valuable time for the racketeers, gangsters, and bootleggers. Many factors led to prohibition such as bad decision, loss in relationships, and losing your job.
When you are under the influence of alcohol, you tend to make bad choices. Like in the very early 1800's when prohibition was starting to form, men would end up ruining their lives by using violence, or dying from being under the influence. Alcohol was drank by men all the time, there was a time of every day to have a cup of whiskey in
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Some men might even beat their wives. The men could then start losing relation with their family because of them coming home drunk. That would cause the men's life to start falling apart. Losing this relation could cause depression, which then men might start drinking more. When people start drinking more, it could led to more issues or possibly death.
A lot of the time men would drink during work. If the men get drunk on the job they start to lack the right skills for the job. Then the men would start doing bad at their job and they could get fired. Being fired would cause their life to fall apart as well. Same with the fact of losing relation with their family, they now don't have a job to make money. Which could cause depression, which would make some men want to drink more and spend the rest of their money on alcohol. Being an alcoholic will most likely lead to terrible choices which could easily sabotage your life. Making bad choices under the influence is probably the biggest factor that contributed to the start of prohibition. Along with problems like, not working as good as normal when under the influence and maybe even losing relation with your family or friends. Staying clean of alcohol is best for you if you want to keep your life in the best of shape, but you don't have to be under the influence to make bad choices. A drink here and there is fine, but more than that could screw up your whole

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