The Effects Of Alcohol And The Epidemic Of Alcoholism Around The World

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The biggest harm to human health is caused by bad habits such as smoking, alcohol drinking and drug use, especially in teenagers. Nowadays, the use of alcohol and the epidemic of alcoholism around the world, are among the biggest problems. This social problem is discussed not only in the political arena, but it also has a wide public resonance. The introduction to the use of alcohol is an important topic, which needs special attention. It should be introduce to teenagers as soon as they getting closer to the drinking age, because he question is that a problem of the drinking age or lock of education and information about proper alcohol usage? Every year, the ICAP (International Center for Alcohol Policies), updates information about the drinking age around the world. The ICAP has collected information on more than 100 countries of the world. Information is shown in relation to statutory age limit for the purchase and consumption of alcohol. The table provides you with the minimum age at which the law permits the purchase of alcohol, for consumption, in the place of purchase and out, as well as age limits by type of beverage such as beer, wine and other drinks. According to this table only in 11 countries, including the U.S., the drinking age is 21. So it’s not hard to calculate that only a little bit more than 10% of 100 counties keep that policy. It is also interesting that in countries like Portugal, Jamaica, Germany, Cyprus and Belgium teenagers have a chance to try…

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