Analysis Of The Minimum Drinking Age Act

In 1984 the Minimum Drinking Age Act, also known as MDLA 21, was signed by Ronald Reagan requiring all states to establish a minimum drinking age of 21. The goal of this bill was to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents. Initially traffic fatalities did decline, but those under 21 still continued to drink. This created an “underground” drinking scene where risky and irresponsible decisions occurred that lead to a whole new set of problems. I’m interested in this subject because of the prevalence of underage drinking I am surrounded by in college and how those who choose not to drink are still affected by alcohol. Most people know someone who has been negatively impacted or even killed by another person’s decision to drink. Considering …show more content…
When a person turns 18, he or she is allowed to vote, enlist in the military, get married, serve on juries, and partake in many other parts of adult life except for consuming alcohol. S. Georgia Nugent, president emerita of Kenyon College claims that “the illogic of the situation is patent”(Nugent). Students are taught from a young age to make rational decisions based on logical arguments. Nugent asserts “In the case of the minimum drinking age, they can hardly look to their elders to find that kind of behavior modeled”(Nugent). She argues the irrationality of the current drinking, and I agree because of the amount of other responsibilities 18 year olds receive when they become an adult. It is ridiculous to not allow young adults to go out to a bar and drink when they can make decisions about the leaders of their country, which affects the nation as a whole and the entire future of the American people. Serving on a jury is a position that demands responsibility in relation to another person’s life. An 18 year old can decide whether someone spends his or her life in prison or even apply the death penalty, yet they are not allowed to make the personal choice to have an alcoholic beverage. The decision to enlist in the military to protect our sacred nation can lead to death. Those individuals who put their life on the line are still not allowed to consume alcohol, which is absurd. The United States is giving young adults between 18 and 20 years old to make life-changing decisions about themselves and others, but not the choice to have a beer or cocktail. Common sense seems to dictate that drinking age of 21 is

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