Tara Watson Argument

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Another author who also supports not changing the drinking age is Tara Watson. She has earned her credibility as a chairwoman in Public Health as well as an associate in an econonmic health program. Unlike Carpenter, Watson’s inductive report has verifiable data. Her information justifys her reasoning as well as gives the reader more information about the affects of alcohol. Watson also takes it one step further by including the opposing sides argument which states, “It is unpopular among most young adults; it arguably encourages underground binge drinking; enforcement is a complete failure on college campuses. And it is notable, of course, that an 18-year-old is considered an adult in almost every context -- including in the voting booth …show more content…
Many people can agree with her article, because no family wants to lose their son/daughter in a traffic accident, no family wants their daughter to justify her pregnancy from binge drinking, and young adults can avoid making stupid mistakes from the use of alcohol that would lead them to getting a criminal record. Alcoholic beverages have danagerous effects on people who are unable to control the amount they consume. Watson’s argument was very strong agains not lowing the drinking age. Although her article did not show any signs of being a weak argument, Watson’s veiws were comparable to Carpenters. Tamika Zapolski an assistant professor of physchology at Indiana University, who has a center left veiw point has added a new perspective to the argument of not lowering the drinking age to eighteen. In her deductive report she addresses the perception of acohol between White and Black Americans. These difference in how they percieve acohol shows in how both groups interact with the use or no use of acohol. As Zapolski’s peers have stated in there artciles she has also taken the liberty to address the harsh affects of drinking amoung young people as

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