The Effectiveness Of Dwight Eisenhower's First Term

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President continued to try to initiate joint construction of the St. Lawrence
Seaway that had been promoted by previous administrations with the Canadians.
Another of the initiatives that Eisenhower took was the "New Look" defense program. In this program the budget of the United States Army would be cut back.
The funds that were cut would be given to the Air Force and to the Navy to be spent on developing a larger nuclear arsenal and air power to deliver the weapons. This plan was justified because in the eyes of the President the bulk of the United States' military power lied in its ability to use these high yield weapons of destruction not in the ground forces. Also, "New Look weighed defense costs against the goal of avoiding burdening the economy with taxes or deficits."14 This initiative became known as the "more bang for the buck" policy that helped America defend itself in the Cold War. Another initiative of the administration was the National Highways program. In this piece of legislation,
Eisenhower hoped to improve the countries' highways. This proposal called
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As McCarthy's reputation as the nation's number one Communist-hater grew, Eisenhower refused to lower himself to
McCarthy's level. The quotation "'I'm not going to get down in the gutter with that guy,' summed it up."19 One of the reasons why Eisenhower did little to remove the power from McCarthy was because he "knew that when a member of the
Senate came under direct attack from the Executive, however repulsive to his colleagues that Senator might be, the senatorial club invariably closed ranks about its threatened member to ward off the common enemy-the

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