Government Should T Have Total Control Over Your Life

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My thoughts on this issue came from internet and my own beliefs. Because government shouldn’t have total control over your life. Also it’s not affecting anyone else if they’re doing it for their own good. Also the government shouldn 't say it shouldn 't be allowed because that could be government supporting christianity and their beliefs about suicides. I rank myself as a liberal on this topic, because most democrats think we should have the euthanasia procedure. Another issue we should talk about more is wind power/ alternative energy producers. We had a big convention in France with other countries about pollution and what we could do to cut back in causing smog and other terrible pollution things. Because all we are doing is shortening our lives on earth, and pollution has been proven to cut back years on your life expectancy, because China has caused so much pollution they lost 1-2 years in life expectancy. Personally I don’t think this is going to do anything so we should look towards our own country and do what 's best for us. So i think we should extend research on building wind turbines and other greenhouse power conductors, so we can make these energy producers produce more energy, and find a way to store the …show more content…
Because if we had to cut back on military expenses we would have to get rid of some stuff, and give it to people that might in the future turn their backs on us or such. In military expenses we should increase the amount of money soldiers make a year, and also put more money towards special force training of the elite soldiers. We also shouldn’t send troops to other countries over little things like a few Americans getting their heads cut off, we should only think about going to fight against other countries if it effects us a whole lot or one of our good allies a whole

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