Essay on The Education Standards For Dentistry And The Cda Standards

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As it has been revealed across the essay, RP is an undeveloped field in Dental Education. This was already highlighted by Boyd 2002 p.718 “Reflection is an underutilized teaching strategy in dental education, and one likely to lead toward deeper learning along with the development of critical thinking” which shows that there has not been an improvement in the last 13 years despite the educational benefits it brings.
Reviewing the GDC educational standards for dentistry and the CDA standards for Orofacial Pain Programs, I realized that both only enumerate the type of soft skills competencies needed like critical thinking, lifelong learning and communication skills among others, but there is no explicit reference to reflection like in the RCGP ( criteria, where it is even said how it should be reach through portfolio.
This competence based dental orientation, the historical technical frame of the profession and the teacher centred educational approach that remains in Chile, are additional core factors of local resistance to adopt the constructive theories behind RP that have a student centred approach.
Considering the above-mentioned limitations of RP in my plan of introducing it in my field, I will assume that the basic requirements are met by taking into account Finlay’s 2008 p.16 suggestions to apply RP effectively:
• present reflective practice(s) with care: motivate, explain, own experience and use, different models as tools.

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