The Education Of A Man Is Never Completed Before The Day He Dies

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Door to Success
The education of a man is never completed until the day he dies. One of the most important questions people ask today is why should one go to college? It is an important question that engages most people’s minds today. People have different answers to this question. Going to college and graduating from it, is one of the main keys to success in life. There is a big gap in earning between adults with college degrees and those with high school diplomas. College graduates make about one million dollars more in their life time than high school graduates. Although some may say attending college is costly and a waste of time, one should go to college and earn a degree because, it provides more job opportunities, greater benefits, and higher pay.
People with a college degree have more job opportunities than those with high school diplomas. According to the article The Benefits of a College Degree, “Not only does a college degree make you more marketable, it makes you more marketable to a much greater range of lucrative career options.” A college degree can land one a higher entry job and more career options to choose from than a person with a high school diploma. A person with a high school diploma will take any job offered to them because their options are limited but a person with a college degree has the luxury to choose and pick a job which is more desirable for them. “A higher education can prepare you for work …What 's more, your degree or certificate can act…

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