The Dress Codes Within High Schools Essay

833 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
The topic of discussion regarding dress codes within high schools has been making its way around Canadian provinces when girls have been sent home for their clothing being too distracting for other students and staff around them. Girls who are being targeted for what they are wearing to class may feel as if that the boys education around them is more important then their own, seeing as they must leave to change their clothing before the can return back to class and learning. It is most common that these issues are occurring when the warmer months begin to approach, girls begin to make use of tank tops and cooler clothing options then those that may begin to get too warm. High school dress codes are beginning to over step boundaries and are becoming unfair to adolescent girls; while boys are beginning to be seen as superior to girls when it comes to their education. As an adolescent girl in high school, you are beginning to find out who you are as an individual and with this come’s the ability to chose the clothes you feel comfortable wearing. Being able to chose your clothing should allow an individual to express themselves and wear things that make them feel comfortable. However, girls are being told that they are not allowed to show their shoulders, or shorts or skirts shorter then the length of their fingertips. Articles of clothing that may show what is considered to be too much skin include tank tops, shirts with a deep v, shorts and skits. But with the summer months…

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