The Double Faceted Problems Of Health Care Communication Essay

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Previously I mentioned that Dr. H acknowledged the double faceted problems in health care communication. As stated he first spoke about the busy job he does. Secondly, he spoke about how the large medical teams that he often works on struggle with differences in opinions among the team members. When different members of the medical team want to follow different plans of treatment it can make working together difficult and sometimes unpleasant. I would not be surprised if this led to medical errors due to lack of communication when a certain team member did not agree with a particular method of treatment. We asked Dr. H what other team members are often involved in communicating with patients in his experience and he identified first doctors (this included trainees and attendings, medical, surgical, primary, and consulting teams and specialists), Dr. H additionally remarked that nurses, social workers, religious representatives and nutritionists often worked as a part of the teams he was on. I was particularly interested in the team aspect after our experience play-acting in class as different members of the medical team. I acted as a nurse/social worker, and to be honest, was rather unsure of what the social workers role really was. Dr. H was able to provide me with a perspective on this. He told us that social workers were extremely helpful when he worked with patients who had specific cultural beliefs that he wanted to be considerate of. Sometimes as a doctor you are…

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