The Digital Age Has Given Us More Options And Choices Essay

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The Digital age has given us more options and choices, but are those options and choices helping us? Over the years dating strategies have dramatically changed. Most people are trying to find their romantic partner and someone that will fit with their personality. It is not easy for most people to go and find their perfect match. In today 's society, technology has given people more opportunities to communicate with each other. There are so many dating apps, which people use to date and to search for their romantic partner. In Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, which details a research project about the new dating strategies, Ansari compares the old ways of dating to the new methods of dating. The book details that the digital age has given us more options and choices, which is good for people in religious contexts because they have less limits for finding a mate, and also talks about that people today don 't have the fear to be rejected because they have more choices. The Digital age has provided us with more options, which is helping people to find their mate. DIgital age have provided us with more options and choices. One of the major opportunities people have today is online dating. According to Ansari, Online dating today is one of the biggest ways people met their spouses, bigger than work, mutual friends, or school (79). Over the years, dating strategies have changed so much. In the past, people use to get arranged marriage, marry someone close to them, or marry someone…

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