No More Bad Dates By Evan Marc Lewis

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A lot of people are skeptical that online dating sites actually reap success, but they do provide potential marriage partners. In the TED talk “How I hacked online dating”, Amy Webb discusses her experience with online dating. She begins by discussing her desperation to get married and how she cultivates a strategy to find a perfect match for herself. Initially, she said, “So I asked everybody in my life what they thought. I turned to my grandmother, who always had plenty of advice, and she said, ‘Stop being so picky. You’ve got to date around. And most importantly, true love will find you when you least expect it.” Even though, traditional marriages generally do not occur anymore, most people still seek the opinions of their family and friends …show more content…
In the TED talk “No More Bad Dates” by Evan Marc Katz, he provides advice to those that want to find someone through an online dating site. He discusses his experience as an individual who used online dating as well as worked for JDate, which is an online dating site. Through his experiences, he essentially provides suggestions. He notes that the reason for failures through this method is that people in society want instant gratification and do not want to put effort into interactions. He encourages all users to follow the 2/2/2 rule, which he created and used himself. He said that all users should follow religiously the 2/2/2 rule in which a first date should arise after 2 emails on the site, 2 emails off the site, and 2 conservations on the phone. The variation does not really matter, but what matters is that there is some contact away from the online dating site, so that a relationship can nurture. The most important thing he said is that users in online dating sites move too fast. They do not take the time to get to know their prospective partners. However, with online dating is there a common ground since it provides building blocks for long-term relationships and even matches users with potential marriage

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