The Differences Between The Movie And The Book Are Great Essay

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The differences between the movie and the book are great. There are people missing and scenes cut. There are people added and scenes added. For the most part though, the theme seemed to stay generally the same. These differences come about because of the difference of how movies focus more on drama and books go more in depth, so they came give more detail.

The summary, in the general, for both translations Hannah is complaining about the remembering. She is tired of going over her family 's past. At the passover meal she is asked to open the door for Elijah. At that time she is traveled back in time to the time when the Natzis were slaying the Jews. When she is there she learns what her ancestors experienced, how they felt, and the hardships they had to overcome. She is then later taken back to the future. When she returns she is able to better understand what her family had been trying to tell her all her life when she would not listen because she did not care. She know talks with her family knowing what had happened in the camps. Knowing everything but not knowing how. She is able to understand some of the main themes in life. The book is titled Devil’s Arithmetic written by Jane Yolen. While the movie has the same title is was made in the year 1999.

Next comes the similarities. Talking of characters, many are there even if they are playing a slightly different role. For example, Rivka is still in the movie but is Hannah’s cousin. This gives…

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