The Differences And Differences Between Generation X And The Generation

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The different behavioural patterns as discussed is important to note as communication between the generations can be misinterpreted. Additionally, there are challenges of maximising and adjusting to the different available communication media. However, it is equally essential to take into consideration that the following observations of the different preferences of each generation does not necessarily apply to every individual but rather, the noticeable majority.
To begin with, Traditionalists prefer comprehensive, face to face and written communication. A simple explanation lies in the fact that there were few technological advancements that were readily available. Baby boomers have been known to prefer a more informal, open and direct approach. Similar to Traditionalists, they value face to face interaction whilst including phone communication which was at that time, becoming more universally popular. Generation X is known to be the generation where there was an increasing shift from a direct interactive approach towards a more technological means of communication. Resultantly, Generation X were more reliant on emailing and telecommunication as it became more widespread and accepted. Last but not least, The Millennials have been widely regarded as the generation born into technology and digital media. Therefore, it can be derived that this generation prefers highly advanced means of interaction comprising of emailing, telecommunication and the inclusion of instant…

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