The Difference Between College and High School Athletics Essay

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The Difference between High School and College Athletics When I was applying to college I talked to the coach of the University of Central Oklahoma cheerleading squad in hopes that I could tryout for the team. I thought that another commitment in addition to my school work would help to keep me focused for the second semester. One thing that I didn’t expect is the time and energy you need to put aside to play a sport in college. In high school, playing a sport was a much easier task. College sports are very competitive and the athletes playing for the college are the most talented in the school division. I am not saying that I am not capable of cheerleading at a college level; more that it would be a strenuous commitment for a …show more content…
The instructors of these camps are actually cheerleaders and coaches from very prominent college squads. They offer individual instruction and many of them scout out capable candidates who they think have the potential to cheer at a collegiate level. They then go ahead and report those players to their coaching staff. This way the coaching staff can follow these players while still in high school until they’re legally aloud to recruit them. The recruited cheerleaders have the experience of two seasons, or semesters, of being on a very competitive cheerleading squad for four years. Through cheerleading camps and games I have met some great people and always had a great time. I was contacted by some of the coaches, who got my information from the recruiting camps. They really influenced the commitment and obligation I needed to have in order to play at a collegiate level. At first this downsized the idea for me to cheer at a college level because those coaches made it seem like a job. Interestingly enough, they were right, and a college sport is very much like a second job in addition to academics. Enjoyment, strength, experience, commitment, and maturity all play a huge role in the difference between collegiate level sports and high school level sports. If you're looking for an opportunity to have fun but still keep a competitive edge, you are better off playing a club/ intramural sport in college. College sports expect intensity,

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