Essay The Diet Is Just That You Can Eat Anything?

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The premise of this diet is just as advertised - you can eat anything. In fact, to be successful with this diet you should have access to any food you might crave - even the junk food. If you have a craving for something and you are hungry then eat it. It really is just that simple. Or is it? The key to success is to stop eating when you aren 't hungry. Because of this the diet isn 't going to work if you are just going to eat out of boredom, stress or any other factors that would force overeating. That 's the hard part - training your mind to know when you are full. But if you can manage this not so easy feat you will begin to lose weight. How can this work? Well, from my experience, our bodies are extremely good at letting us know what we need - just let it guide you. For example - I 'm really not a huge fan of vegetables - but there are times that I have a huge craving for a salad. That 's my body letting me know my diet is missing something. I make a point to have a salad at those times. Other times I just want some chocolate - so I have few pieces of chocolate. The craving then go away and my body is satisfied. Don 't over eat, though. That 's the hardest part of this particular diet - knowing when you are full. At first it 's better to stop when you think you might be full - also try to eat slower and not have as many distractions. Once you get a feel for your body again your calorie intake will level itself out and weight should start to come off. It should be…

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