The Developmental Psychologists Can Conduct Research And Gather Information

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A Developmental psychologist uses many of the research methods utilized in many other areas of psychology. There are a number of ways that Developmental psychologists can conduct research and gather information. One way is through observation in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Cross-sectional studies allow researchers to compare different population groups at the same time (“Cross-sectional Studies vs. Longitudinal Studies,” n.d.). So, if a psychologist wanted to see how many words on average a 2 year old says, he could randomly select a certain number of children who were the same age and observe them to get the information he was seeking. Longitudinal research is utilized when a researcher wants to test the same group of people repetitively over an extended period of time (“Cross-sectional Studies vs. Longitudinal Studies,” n.d.). This would give a researcher the chance to record how many new words the same 2 year olds previously mentioned added to their vocabulary each month. Longitudinal studies sometimes take years and involves a large investment of time by both the researcher and research participants (“Cross-sectional Studies vs. Longitudinal Studies,” n.d.). It is vital that the researcher remember to refrain from making any assumptions when conducting observations. Some researchers use existing records such as government documents, newspaper clippings, oral history recordings, and other sources to access large amounts of data so as to find answers…

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