Reflection On Learning And Development

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A profound and extensive knowledge and understanding if my topic was achieved through analysis of website articles, videos, books and interview responses. In order to refine what was an extensive subject of psychology, I conducted comprehensive reading of secondary sources including online webpages and videos to gain a cultivated understanding of various forms of psychology. I further refined my topic through the process of literature reviews to stimulate deeper analysis of the diverse concepts and to contest to my original perceptions. My initial idea of child psychology was restricted to a broad insight of the learning processes and developments acquired, this was further challenged and analysed through my research. This proved to be beneficial as these sources provided opportunities for further research into specific functions of learning and development.

Website articles and books that I had used to build the foundation of my understanding of development
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Through conducting these surveys, I hoped to obtain insightful information to how associative learning is applied practically to home and school environments. It was because of this that I decided to interview a primary school teacher who taught year reception and a parent of a five-year-old daughter as they are the primary authorative figures who enforce and witness this form of learning in practice. The process was valid in that I obtained a large amount of relevant and critical information that contributed to and supported key findings of my research. Additionally, these sources provided a foundation in which I could further develop my research and understanding to be able to stipulate supported

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