What Makes A Good Parent Essay

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Where would we all be without parents? The answer is we probably wouldn’t exist. Parents are so needed to help us survive. They teach us everything they know. They prepare us for the cruel world that won’t care about us as much as our parents do. They love you no matter what you do, and are willing to go to any extant to help you understand. Unlike some people in the world, parents want what is best for us. They never want to see us go through hard times, but they understand that we reap what we sow. They offer us homes when we need a place to go back to in our adulthood. If they can afford it, they’ll try to help us financially. Parents are the ones who make the world go round. But what does it take to make a good parent. Is it really easy? Can being a friend to your child really work? Can you believe what child psychologists and others say about raising children? You must pick and choose what to believe when raising children. The truth is, not all methods will work for every child. With each …show more content…
Parenting isn’t easy, ad being a good parent is even more emotionally hard on the parents sometimes rather than on the child. It takes a lot for your children to understand. It takes so much strength, love, patience, and wisdom to be a good parent. After writing this essay, I have a newfound respect for parents. Some may ask what the hardest job in the world is. To me, that job is being a parent. You have to sacrifice for your child, discipline your child, and know when you need to let your child go. And though some of these methods aren’t needed for every child, it breaks my heart to know that some need these styles of parenting. Some need to be kicked out of their home to learn the truth. Some go on to live with their parents. Some must be spanked to understand that consequences have actions. And yet, I’m thankful for everything my parents did while raising me. I wouldn’t be who I am without

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