The Determinants Of Health And Health Essays

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According to Kindig and Stoddart, population health model creates the knowledge and solutions of health differences among different groups. The determinants of health are to explore the distribution of health in different groups to conclude the good or poor outcomes (kindig & Stoddart, 2003). The multiple determinants of health derived from five domains such as the social and economic environment, the physical environment, genetics, medical care, and behavior related health. In book of Jonas and Kovner’s “Health Care Delivery in the United States”, mentioned that according to Institute of Medicine (2003, P.52), determinants of population health of human being in his entire life span considered for outcomes by Individual behavior, Innate individual traits including age, sex, and biological factors and the biology of disease, Social, Family, and Community networks, and Living and Working Conditions.

Living and Working conditions are inclusive of:

Psychosocial factors
Employment status and occupational factors
Socioeconomic status (incomes, education, occupation)
The natural and built environments
Public health services
Health care services (Knickman, J. R., & Kovner, A. R., 2015, pp. 81). The above mentioned population determinants are correlated with that of Kindig, asada, and brookse (2008) of population health issue under five frameworks.

I have chosen the health issue of Hypertension in which one in three American has been diagnosed and untreated cases lead to…

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