Essay on The Descriptive Running

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Just a quick note, but I wanted to just get some thoughts down about my course from last night. We watched Waiting for Superman in class to go along with our reading of the second half of The White Architects of Black Education by William Watkins. As the movie took the first two thirds of class, we quickly transitioned into a group project where each student was with a group who elected to read the same chapter of the optional readings (Everyone read the first three chapters and chapter six, and then they could choose from chapters 4, 7, and 8). They made posters to help them explain their chapter to the rest of the class. Then, we turned to the connections between the film and our text. Our final discussion of about 100 pages of text and …show more content…
Below is what I posted on the discussion board:

I want to start by just stating that I don't understand this film completely. Or, perhaps better put, the logic of the film's main arguments doesn’t make sense to me. If I’m understanding them correctly, they boil down to this:

The problem with the United States, the cause of poverty and systemic inequity, is our unequal education system. The cause of these poor performing schools are “bad” teachers, who get to keep their jobs indefinitely because of the system of tenure. To fix all of this, we need to have every school in the country use the same explicitly test-prep oriented curriculum as KIPP and Harlem Children’s zone schools, so that every child will go to a 4-year college.

OK, let’s work backwards as I break down my confusion: Not everyone can go to a 4-year college because there are not enough colleges with enough space for everyone in the P-12 system to go. On top of that, many universities have admissions criteria along the lines of the “top x% of graduating seniors” – even if everyone is brilliant, they can’t all be in the upper tier of students on the national scale, because that’s the whole point of the national

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