The Death Penalty Is The Best Option Essay

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The Death Penalty has been a topic of interest recently, with many people arguing both sides. There are claims that it’s inhuman, that incident people are being killed, and that it cost the tax payers more money then a life sentence, but what about the other side of this complex argument? Is the death penalty really an cruel and painful process that cost taxpayers millions? The death penalty has been made out to be a horrible injustice to both the perpetrators and the tax payers, in reality it’s not. The death penalty is the best option for how to deal with monsters who would take another person’s life. Despite what you may hear the death penalty is not only a solid solution, it is also less cruel and cheaper solution.

The biggest reason to get rid of the death penalty is because it gives closer to the family of the victims. The victims of murders maybe killed,, but their families are very much still a live and people rarely think about how they feel in this debate. Fred Romano, the brother of Dawn Garvin, said. "Dawn will never be back. I 'm not looking for closure. That 's a bad misconception on the part of some people. I want Oken to die for the murder of Dawn, Patricia Hurt and Lori Ward.”
Maybe it’s not always about closure, in his opinion it was about justice for the crimes this man committed. This man and so many others have lost their loved ones to killers like Steven Howard Oken deserve to have there options heard.
On November 26 2010 Caron Montgomery killed his ex…

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