Should Death Penalty Be Allowed

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The death penalty shouldn’t be allowed in the United States because it costs too much to execute them rather than putting them in prison. The amount of times they have executed the wrong person makes a big error in our system.
It costs too much to execute people instead of putting them in prison. Putting someone on death row costs more than $1 million because they have to hire expensive lawyers to deal with their cases since they’re so complicated. If they hired a cheap lawyer they would end up on death row a majority of the cases. They also have to take DNA tests before they’re put on death row and they often do testing on the inmates.
Having someone in jail for a life long sentence costs about $47,102 per year in California. That provides $19,663 for security for the inmate, $12,442 for health care, $7,214 for maintenance, $3,493 for administration, $2,562 to be fed,
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They kill people for a murder they did, but not always being 100 percent on who the killer is, is scary. Killing innocent people based on what other people saw and not taking DNA tests immediately is what 's getting people executed. It costs too much to put someone in death row because they just sit there for usually 20 years until they’re either executed or until they’ve died from natural causes. They should be putting people in prison instead. They’ll save billions of dollars if they decide to take away death row. Putting someone on death row costs taxpayers the same as if sending someone to a private college. Death penalty trials are 20 times more expensive than trials for a sentence of life in prison without parole. There have been about 1,394 people who have been executed by the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1989 a man in Texas was punished with the death penalty because the jury confused him for another man with the same name, height, and looks, this was was innocent. In 1944 a 14 year old African-American girl was executed with little evidence from her two hour

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