The Death Penalty And The Removal Of Dangerous Criminals Roaming Streets

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The death penalty has contributed to the removal of dangerous criminals roaming our streets. As residents, we should have a sense of peace knowing that our country is safe from them. However, according to new studies, at least thirteen percent of all the persons who received the death penalty were innocent. For the past thirty-one years, about 7,482 individuals were sentenced to death. Among them, 117 exonerations took place. The other 245 innocent prisoners were executed. Shabaka Waglini was one of these innocent individuals who was less than a day away from his execution until he was found innocent of the crime he was convicted for. It is for this reason, the death penalty is still a controversial topic. Whether a criminal or not, killing a person is still murdering! How do we even know if we caught the right person? The death penalty have been in place for over a thousand years. In the past, death was often cruel and included crucifixion, drowning at sea, burying alive, beating to death, impalement and boiling. Has it solved any problem? The death penalty should be abolished because it punishes the poor, is somewhat racial, condemns those who may be innocent , is very inhumane and causes more crime. Now some may base their view from the Mosaic Law which states, "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." If someone took the life of another, he deserves to repay it with his life. He did not feel sorry for his victim, so why should we show mercy to him? By using the…

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