Controversial Issues Of Capital Punishment

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The Controversial issues of Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment
Capital punishment is a very controversial issue in the countries where it can be found with long standing application in countries such as the United States. If a variant analysis could be carried out, what are the reasons that would explain people’s view on death penalty having any deterrent effect or what is the moral nature of capital punishment? Various opinions have been put across to discuss these issues considering the cost – benefit analysis of its application. There is an expanding body of research that tried to get reasons as to why some people fully supports the death sentence, other people favor the penalty somehow while others totally feel it is completely
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They do not care whether they face life imprisonment or face death since they even think they are not going to be discovered. Most murders are rather committed when people are in anger or by people who are under influence of certain harmful substances such as drugs (Bowers 453). A research done in the US during 1995 showed that most people even police officers did not support the death penalty since they felt it did not discourage crimes. Well known criminologists in the US were not in support of the death penalty since they felt it did little to discourage crimes (Michael and Ronald 87). Most of the people from the research carried out felt that capital punishment was not necessary did not support it at …show more content…
Moreover, the death penalty may make innocent people suffer death which is totally wrong. It is known that most of the death sentences are issued after people have been tortured to tell the truth and finally confess. Death sentences are known to be given people of a certain race, ethnic group or religious group. Thus the sentence in most cases is discriminative in nature and this makes it unacceptable according to most people (McCann 1). Most of the death sentences are issued to people of the minority groups who have little resources and little access to legal assistance. In countries such as Iran and Sudan the death sentence can be used to oppress people who do not support the government. Opposing the death sentence is not wrong but shows that there are people respecting that life is precious and that killing someone is not a moral thing (McCann

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