The Death Of The Soul Essay

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In his Letters to Herodotus, Epicurus’ material outlook assumes that all things are made out of atoms, an argument that he extends to the soul. He raises the point that the soul is material and capable of sensation, and these sensations build out thoughts; however, this assumption tends to categorize human thoughts and limit originality and creativity.
In the text, Epicurus explains that the soul is a structure that is material and primarily used for sensation; these sensations become responsible for our thoughts and reason. The soul’s relationship to the body is important in this respect. For example, Epicurus explains that the soul is furnished by the body and cannot survive without it. For this argument, he assumes that sensations are not merely impulses or stimulations; they have to be felt in order to exist at all. In this way, the body acts a vessel; without it, there would be no surface that feels anything and none of the sensations of the soul would exist. He then concludes that the body makes sensation possible for the soul, because each is useless without the other. Therefore, he assumes that the body and the soul must have been created together, and neither one came into existence before the other due to their dependence on each other. However, he fleshes out the argument to say that the soul must be something special, because even though it is material, it can still experience sensation when some part of the body is lost. The underlying reason for the soul…

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