The Death Of An Organ Transplant Essay example

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Throughout history, doctors and laboratory technicians have experimented on many animals and eventually people in order to improve the medicine we have today. Joseph Murray and Dr. David Hume led the first successful living related kidney transplant on December 23, 1954 at Brigham Hospital in Boston. The kidney was transplanted from Ronald Herrick into his identical twin, Richard. Throughout time, organ transplantation has dramatically changed and as a result has saved many lives.
An organ transplant is a process that replaces a failing organ with a new working organ. There are many types of organs that the doctors could transplant into the body such as a kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, lungs, and small intestine. Not everyone can donate his or her organs because of the fact that it has to match the person’s body. For example, if the person has, an infection such as a heart disease that is not under control, a drug or alcohol problem, or another serious health problem, he or she would not be able to donate the organ because the rest of the body is not strong enough to survive without the working organ. Not only will the donor not benefit from the removal but also the infection that the donor has can spread to the organ that is being transplanted and as a result will damage the recipient of the transplant. One type of organ transplant is the transplant of the kidneys.
A person has 2 bean shaped kidneys situated on each side of the posterior body just below the rib cage. The…

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