Essay about The Death Of A Parent And A Child

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Have you ever loved someone who does absolutely nothing for you and makes your life much harder than it once was? Well, I do, and I think most parents would agree with me. Through all the screaming, crying, peeing, pooping, and sleepless nights I can still say with one hundred percent certainty that I still love my son. I don 't believe there is anything that he can do to make me stop loving him. The unconditional love between a parent and a child, I believe is sacred and almost primal in nature. The night this all began and I became a father I was trembling with fear with what was about to be catapulted into my life. I was not ready in the slightest and I could tell my girlfriend felt the same way. We had gotten all the baby stuff moved in and ready for our little boy to find out he would come the very next day, exactly one month early. The day that we found out my girlfriend’s water broke started out like any normal day. We both had slept in till probably about 1 o 'clock because it was my day off and she was 8 months pregnant so that 's what she did all day anyway. We had a doctor 's appointment that day at six in the afternoon, so we both decided to just lounge around the house until we got the strength to spend the next two hours sluggishly throwing on clothes and getting ready to leave for the doctor 's appointment. We left the house not knowing at all the next time we stepped back through that door we would be including a new member to our family and a new life to…

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