Personal Narrative: The Strength Of American Nurses

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“Heartless” Strength of American Nurses Have you ever thought about how hard it is to be a nurse? How emotionally difficult it is to have a patient die in your care? Nurses do more than most people realize, they have no time to mourn every patient's death because there is always someone else who is going to need their full attention. Some may say nurses are heartless, I know I did. To be a nurse is to be mentally strong. Based on my personal experiences I have come to see that American nurses are amazingly strong. Are You Okay?
It was 8:30 when the paramedics left the ER to respond to a call about an unresponsive 3- month- old baby. At 8:49 the nurses were tending to patients and eating breakfast; a paramedic’s voice came over the the ER radio saying,
“Unresponsive 3- month- old female…” that was all I heard before the doctor started barking demands and the nurses scurried to the back room. The nurse I had been shadowing told me to stand in the corner and watch and that I did. Moments later two male
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One day in I was helping in CT and a mentally disabled man was on the table, he had a history of seizures; in a blink of an eye the CT intern, Alyssa, waves frantically to me to get the attention of the CT technicians because this man was about to seize. I toldell the technicians that Alyssa neededs some help with the patient, quickly they ranun into the CT room and helped hold him down; then two nurses came in with a doctor and the patient's sister. The patient's sister told us that this seizure is a mild one compared to his everyday seizures. After the patient was done seizing the CT technicians started scanning his brain; one of the technicians told me she couldn’t imagine having to deal with that everyday. We had a long talk about how strong nurses are for dealing with death on a weekly/daily

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