The Death Of A Doctor Essays

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It was a late night in Spring when I went to visit my pregnant sister. A few moments after being at her house, she mentioned she was not feeling well. As a concerned aunt to be, my immediate response was that we needed to see a doctor. Considering it was 10 PM there was no way we could have gotten to her OB/GYN, therefore we decided to go to the nearest emergency room. We waited and we waited, filled with anxiety, fear and many mixed emotions. It was moments later that we were greeted by a Physician Assistant with a warm smile and the most comforting bedside manner. She understood the panic that comes with your first pregnancy. She took her time, not only to get an accurate history and physical but also to answer any and every question or concern we had. Soon after, we were informed that my sister was presumptuous. She needed to be induced and was transferred to the delivery room. As horrific as this may sound for a first time mother to be, somehow, the PA had a way with my sister. She was able to comfort her and reassure her that she was receiving the best care possible. As anxious as I was forced to contain my emotions and keep strong for my sister’s sake. It was once we got to the delivery room that we were introduced to the doctor. Hours later, we met this beautiful little soul who I call my nephew. Though we are forever grateful to the doctor and the entire team who took part in delivering my nephew, it was the PA who left an imprint on our hearts forever. It was in…

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