The Day Of A Doctor Essay

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From darkness into His marvelous light – (My conversion experience) I am the first born in a strong Buddhist family in Sri Lanka. My grandfather was a Buddhist Priest and I thought Buddhism was the best religion in the world. From very young age of my life I wanted to become a medical doctor, and I prayed every day in front of Buddha’s statue asking him to make me a doctor. I also studied very hard to achieve this goal. I heard about Jesus when I was in the university, but I never wanted to believe. I argued and rejected Jesus as ‘unseen god’. I won all the arguments, mocked Christians and added credits to Buddha.
At the climax of 30 years of war in Sri Lanka, I was getting ready for my final exam. Unfortunately, all the universities were closed and we were sent home for several times. I was dreaming of becoming a doctor and later a surgeon working in hospitals, but our final exam was postponed for more than 2 years. I cried and cried. I realized that heartless bombs were stronger than religious statues. What was the truth of life? I was lost, but still too stubborn to listen about the living God.
On this particular day in 1987, a strange young boy at a bus-stop gave me ‘another leaflet’ about Jesus that I already read. I had a big box with full of flyers; I have read every single word, underlined and highlighted important points. I analyzed facts in my brain, but never opened my heart to the Lord. With all of my frustrations, I wanted to try Him this time. As I have…

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