The Dangers Of Using Mobile Phones While Driving Essay

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The Dangers of using Mobile Phones while Driving

Technology. I think we would all agree that technology is becoming harder and harder to live without. Now, before you tweet out “Ugh, stuck in a preachy speech for 10 minutes”, just take a minute to put down those little devices of yours and actually focus on what I am saying. Focus. Seems easy enough right? And yet, each and every one of us finds it difficult. I know I do. I have always admired those people that can multi-task. Studying while listening to music, having a conversation with the television on in the background, texting while driving. The last one seems a bit familiar, don’t you think? That’s because, in 2013, an Allianz insurance survey showed 50% of Australian drivers admitting to either reading or sending a text while driving. That’s scary. Half of the people on the road aren’t focusing on what they’re doing, all because of the temptation trying their patience.

Today, I am going to outline the real risks of texting while driving through something that I like to call the three D’s. Distraction. Danger. Death.

Distraction. I think this is the word that sums up my point perfectly. It’s human nature to try and resist temptation, but more often than not, we give in. Look, I’m not saying that I don’t want you to not watch the final episode on Netflix, or eat a bowl of ice cream, even buy that t-shirt you’ve been eyeing off for weeks. The distraction that I am talking about is the little piece of electronics…

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