The Dangers Of Police Brutality

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Register to read the introduction… This assumption usually has the public overlooking the idea of a person being beaten based on their sexual preference. Stonewall riots has made great strides in recognizing and protecting the human rights of LGBT Community. Even if we ourselves are not a part of the community, it’s up to the general public to help defend our nation. These hate crimes have steadily decreased since Amnesty International’s research surveys on police abuse and misconduct against LGBT lead to New York Coty’s “hate crime laws.” Amnesty international is responsible for the peaceful protests for raising awareness. Nowadays, it’s rare that we don’t know someone who is somehow related to the LGBT Community; is it fair that we should watch them be mistreated by the police just because we aren’t directly related to them ourselves? Amnesty wants the public to help out as much as they possibly can to stop these police hate crimes. Writing a letter to Raymon W. Kelly, the commissioner of the New York Police Department, can help institute specific policies and procedure to ensure that “quality of life” enforcements are not discriminatory. Or the public can write letters to Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, urging him to make certain that the NYPD respects the human rights of all citizens, including LGBT residents. Each of these officials’ addresses are located on the Amnesty International Website. …show more content…
A Reanalysis of Citizen Complaints at the Organizational Level, Final Report, it states that an officer can use the necessarily amount of force on an offender if he or she feels threatened. It’s hard for the public to judge the law enforcement’s quick decision making when we are not in their situation. As a society we have granted the law enforcement permission to do what they can to protect us. Although we shouldn’t loose focus towards the elimination of excessive force, we have to acknowledge the fact that sometimes excessive force has to be used. It’s imperative that the public recognizes that the police do have a job to do; it’s just the fact that they must stay within law enforcement’s guidelines with responsible actions. (Curbing Police

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