Cell Phone Debate

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Cell phones are so common today and you will quickly notice them around your school and children with them. Although technology means progress should the country allow them to be in a school setting? These questions and age barriers make the understanding of the situation two distinctively different points of views those who agree with having them in those scenarios and those, which ban them. In my experience and common knowledge of my surroundings, I’ve noticed many people cellphones can quickly become addictive .If we allow cell phone usage in such places we as a whole community have to hold are trusting that the students in particular, the teenagers, will only use these tools as resources. There are many studies which indicate that teenagers …show more content…
Many schools have libraries which aren’t being used as tools and are many times empty because of such technologies instead of going the extra mile to allow students to use a cell phone in class why don’t schools start implementing more time at the school libraries to get useful information for projects, homework, etc. Using books can give kids a foundation on finding information instead of just letting them use the smartphones so in case they don’t have a smartphone they know which steps to take and other options of finishing their work such as using books. Giving our kids permission for the use in class, which is the future of tomorrow an easy way to not only research, but a gateway to cheating and cyber bullying, are we really helping them or only appeasing them. “Studies from the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the University of Michigan found that in schools that permitted students to have cell phones, 71 percent of students sent or received text messages on their cell phones in class”. If we see that a majority of students are abusing this privilege, especially from the research that demonstrates that nearly three quarters of the student class allowed using their phone sent messages, which wasn’t what they were supposed to be used for, there is a problem with the schools regulation of the …show more content…
Comfort and a friendly atmosphere can help improve a child’s motivation, which like a cycle helps their own education. “37% of all teens who have smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011”. It might seem like all teens have smartphones, but in reality not all do so what will happen if a law is passed or schools allow cell phone usage in class it would create an unequal classroom and a disadvantage for not only those who not have smartphones but those which do because everyone will be learning at a different

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