Why Do People Immigrate?

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The act of coming to live permanently in a foreign country is defined as immigration. Many immigrants come from other countries to live in the US for many reasons like, escaping war or violence, better job opportunities and living conditions, free education for grades K-12, government benefits, etc. The main reason why people may emigrate is to live a better life for themselves and their families. But many of these immigrants face many challenges in order to become a citizen, and many people are not in support of them. These people must be given a chance to at least live a better life, and we should allow them to immigrate here.

War and violence is a very scary thing and it affects many innocent people, such as Syrian refugees.
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If a refugee is fleeing from a foreign country, people become reluctant to allow them into the country that they are entering. They may be the “enemies” and could potentially be plotting a terrorist attack, or a massacre. For example, “Syria is believed to be one of the home bases of ISIS which claimed responsibility for Paris attack killing 129 and injuring 350” (Frumin). ISIS is a terrorist organization that is spread across the Middle-East. They are responsible for many attacks, suicide bombs, and massacres. In 2015, after an attack on Paris, killing and injuring many innocent lives, people have become adamant in the idea that if we continue to allow Syrian refugee into our countries, we will endanger ourselves even more- which could be true. A recent poll showed, Majority of Americans -56%- are against allowing more migrants fleeing violence in Syria. 41% are for it (Frumin on NBC NEWS/ Survey Monkey Polls 2015). Many people from those countries are seeking refuge here in the US and some citizens of the US are against letting those refugees in, because of conspiracy threat. As many of these people in this poll might say, ‘Better safe, than sorry’. As a result of all this hysteria, the House of Representatives proposed H.R. 4038 (Anti-Refugee Legislation) after the Paris attack to halt Syrian Refugee from coming to the US. The purpose of H.R. …show more content…
And sometimes people immigrate here illegally, which can cause many problems. The problem is that children of illegal immigrants or may even be illegal immigrants themselves don’t have the opportunity to extend their education into college. What is the solution to this dilemma? The DREAM Act. The main goal of this program is to, “Open a path to legalization for undocumented young people who go to college or serve in the military” (NY Times). It gives the ability for students and people in the military to gain legal status. It 's important because to be able to get a loan, apply for credit, get a job, etc., you need to be a legal citizen of the US. Even if the children of illegal immigrants are brought here undocumented it’s reasonable to say that they are, “College students and soldiers who didn’t ask to come here without papers, who want to better themselves and serve their country” (NY Times). Those apart of the DREAM Act only want to make sure that they have a good life and be successful, which is only beneficial to our economy. Still, some people are not in support of this program, “Republicans want to expel all 11 million undocumented immigrants” (NY Times). They want to expel them because they are illegal. But at least these students and soldiers are trying to change that. The DREAM Act gives opportunities to people who never even had anything before, people who were just searching for a new life,

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