Why We Should Be Able To Have Families Essay

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Why Immigrant Individuals and Families Should Be Aloud To Come To The U.S.
Ever wonder what other families go through to find and live a better life. One may live a good, well educated, and safe life here in the U.S., but do others from other countries live like this. Immigration in the U.S. is something that happens on a day to day basis. Many people will give hatred because an immigrant is coming to their country, but people don 't know the real reason of why someone is coming here. One may think that they come to take jobs, to take up space, or to be here because they just want to. However these reasons aren 't true for everyone,“Many immigrants and immigrant families come to live freedom”(Why do immigrants come). Therefore the U.S. should let immigrants and immigrant families come to the U.S. illegally.
Freedom is something that everyone wants and deserves, one wants to live a safe and free life. People don’t want to be worried about a non freedom country. “Immigrants come to the U.S., a free country, to live freedom”(Why do immigrants come). However people want to live free and live comfortable. No one wants to live as if they can 't do anything and are constantly being controlled everyday. Many immigrants have family already living here in the U.S and
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A mother and father wants to offer the best for their children, and the best is offering a better education. Immigrant parents want to change and make their children 's lives better with and education and home, and they feel that the U.S offers that life of a better education and home for their family and children. Some parents of children didn 't grow up with and education, because their family didn 't have money to offer a good education. And these parents to want their children to go through the same thing their parents went through. Every mother and father wants the best for their

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