The Curriculum And The Implementation Of New Instructional Method And Teaching Strategies

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Desire Performance
In my opinion, a change in our actual curriculum and the implementation of new instructional method and teaching strategies can help us to engage and motivate our students in this class. Besides, those changes can help us to improve our students’ performance and retention rate; but also it will have a positive impact on our institution’s statistics and earnings.
In a meeting with my program director I show her those results and I explained her necessity to review the effectiveness of the current curriculum and make some changes. After we discuss the project and the new strategies, she was reluctant. My program director is an in an old fashioned instructor and she does not like changes. That’s why I decided to have a meeting with my school director. He was interested and asked me a few days to have a meeting with school managers. The school managers agreed, considering that investment is covered by tuition.
Once approved the project and identifies our gap performance, the next step was to design the new curriculum and apply the new instructional method and teaching strategies.
Design Phase
Teaching Strategies and Learning Theories
Through this project, I decide to completely revolutionize the curriculum of a medical Law and Ethic class in order to improve students’ engagement and motivation during the classes. Considering that the audience is composed by adult learners, the first step was to implement the student-centered learning approach, which allowed me…

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