The Curriculum And Instruction Variables Essay

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Curriculum and Instruction Variables:

1. This classroom is quite small, containing a smart board and a white board. There were a few inspirational posters that displayed quotes from people such as Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and Amelia Earhart. There was also a wall dedicated to the “Picture of the Day,” a warm up activity generally used to initiate conversation or introduce the day’s lesson. Since this is an upper school science classroom, there are several textbooks in the room covering several areas of Science instruction including, Earth Science, Biology Elementary Science and Life Skills. This is my teacher’s first year in this room, but this classroom could definitely use more color and instructional material.
2. Ms. Humphrey does a really wonderful job bringing in multi-cultural themes into her classroom. It was an area I was both surprised to see and impressed with. For example, rather than simply teaching about HIV and AIDS in her Biology class, she incorporated a book called “Ana’s Story.” This book was very easy to read and shared the experience of a young girl living with HIV in Latin America. This book introduced the students to a real-life story of HIV, giving information about the disease as well as the Latin American culture. That is just one example; Ms. Humphrey also brings in multi-cultural themes in her “Picture of the Day” discussions for each class. This not only offers a visual example of a different culture, but also leads to discussions that…

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